Best Free Laptop Deals with Mobile Broadband

Best Free Laptop Deals with Mobile Broadband
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Looking for mobile broadband only deals?

Benefits of mobile broadband

  • 99% UK coverage
  • Broadband speeds on the move
  • Simple to install
  • Compatible with PC's, laptops or Macs
  • Can be used on multiple pc's
  • No phone line required
  • Next day delivery

Simple steps in setting up your modem

Mobile Broadband Providers

Free Laptop

There are a lot of broadband deals around with special offers added to them to get you to sign-up. One of the most popular offers is the free laptop deal whereby you can get a laptop free of charge if you buy a mobile broadband package. These laptops will often come with a free USB dongle supplied or an embedded sim-card  letting you access the internet quickly and seamlessly.


In fact, nearly all modern laptops now come with a built-in wireless card and mobile broadband capability, giving you access where ever there is a phone signal. No wireless network is needed as long as there is a 3G phone signal.


Advantages of free laptop deals


This type of deal gives you a free, quality laptop along with internet access that you can use anywhere. All aspects of your internet connection is completely is fully integrated and portable. If you have built-in wireless capacity, then you have no need for dongles or modems.


A free laptop deal is great for travellers, students and business people. Travellers will have a portable way of keeping in touch with their nearest and dearest; students will get internet access and a computer in one affordable package; while business people will be able manage their workload in and out of the office.


Disadvantages of free laptop deals


Unfortunately, you may find that the laptop supplied is not of a very high spec. This might not please the techies amongst you, but if you only use it to check email, browse social networks and complete work on it, then it should be fine.


Additionally, the download speed for these deals is not high. You’ll find on average, speeds will be around 3.5Mbps with a top speed of about 20Mbps. Your monthly data allowance will also be capped. So if so if you are a heavy internet user, this might not be the deal for you.