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Unlimited Broadband

Unlimited broadband packages have developed in response to today’s home internet user and the ever increasing sophistication of the web itself. Over the last ten years, we have seen the growth of social media, internet telephone services, streaming video and online gaming. In fact, UK regulator Ofcom says a UK domestic household with a fixed broadband connection now uses on average 17Gb of data.


These technologies are very demanding on your connection, due to the large amounts of data that need to be downloaded to enable them to work smoothly. As a result, many ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) now offer unlimited broadband deals. These packages have no download limits, so there are no restrictions on the amount of data that can be used each month.


Do you need unlimited broadband?


This type of broadband connection is ideal for people who stream films, listen to internet radio and watch TV online. It is also pretty essential for online video gamers and those who use VoIP programs to make phone calls over the internet. In short, if you are downloading over a gigabyte of data a day, then you should be looking to acquire a unlimited broadband connection.


Uncapped internet access is not just for home use. These connections are ideal for small businesses, allowing multiple users in the company to use the web, with no worries about bandwidth issues. Go to our business broadband page for more information.


If you use the internet for checking emails, watching the odd video clip and using a social media site a few times a week then a capped download package may be a better option for you. You may even want to look into a pay-as-you-go broadband deal.


Fair usage and other downsides


Many Internet Service Providers impose a fair usage policy on their packages, which usually affects the heaviest users. They are aimed at those who use peer-to-peer networks, where some download 1-3gb worth of movies most days.


People who regularly download more than 40gb of data a month may find either their downloads restricted at peak hours. If they continue to heavily draw on resources, a written request will be made from the ISP to the user to ease off during busy periods. In extreme cases, a connection can be terminated. They do this in order to keep the best quality connection available for the largest amount of customers.


Another downside of this type of package is download speed. Just because you have unlimited access to the internet, it does not necessarily mean that you can download faster. In fact, some cheap unlimited broadband deals can be slower than other packages that have monthly download caps on them. They may also be more expensive than limited download deals.


Mobile options


Unlimited mobile broadband deals are currently rare, but there are some packages that have generous download limits that would suit the heavier internet user. However if you are looking to stream movies and partake in online gaming, then we would suggest that you sign up for an unlimited home broadband package. For more information on, go to our unlimited mobile broadband page.