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Term: 12 Mths


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In response to these economically austere times, many internet service providers are offering some of the cheapest broadband deals around. Taking a quick look at our price comparison tables here on Broadband Expert and you’ll find a whole raft of cheap packages for the budget conscious from the likes of O2, Virgin Media and Plusnet.

Many of these packages take the form of a home entertainment bundled deal. These starter packs will often feature a free wireless router, along with extras such as free TV channels or free phone calls. There are also many introductory deals, whereby the service is free or at a reduced price for a certain time period. If you are looking for affordable broadband on the move you can see the cheapest mobile broadband deals here.

What are the advantages of cheap broadband deals?

For a start, these budget deals are great if you’re not sure what package to choose. The beauty of this kind of broadband starter pack is that you can always upgrade to another package if you need larger download limits etc.

Several ISP’s offer free introductory deals, with the service being free for 3 – 6 months, before monthly charges start. Others are half price for an initial period. Just pay attention to when the charges begin or double!

These cheap deals are also good for light users who only check email, browse websites and order goods online. Students are also catered for as there are many cheap packages designed specifically for them. These are often 9-month contracts with larger broadband download limits to accommodate those large student houses.

What about the disadvantages?

The download limits and speeds on these packages may be limited, so check the details before you buy. If you know that you are going to be using the internet heavily, then opt for a package with a larger download limit or even an unlimited broadband deal. This is probably cheaper than paying charges for going over the limit!

If you have signed up for a deal with either a free introductory period or one that has a much reduced price, make sure you check when that period finishes and what the monthly fee will be afterwards. You might be in for a surprise, as it can be over double the original price.

Finally, check if there are any set-up costs and any extra charges. Usually there are none, but some providers may charge around £25 for installation. You may also find that you have to pay for delivery or for the broadband router. Once again, make sure you check the details before you sign up!