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Broadband Only Guide

There are many broadband packages available on the market these days, with everything from mobile dongles to unlimited broadband currently being offered. Most of these deals have come about in response to the differing needs of domestic and business users. Broadband only deals, where only internet access is provided with no extras, is just one of them.

Broadband is a high bandwidth internet connection and is pretty much standard for internet access here in the UK. There are several ways in which broadband carries data to your PC, smart-phone, lap-top or tablet. Telephone or fibre optic cabling, satellite and mobile phone networks all currently carry broadband signals to households across the country.  Depending on the area you live in, the average speed of a residential household in the UK is 12 Megabits per second (Mbps).

A brief look at the latest broadband deals on Broadband Expert will show you that most ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) will provide extras such as digital TV and telephone landlines. However as you can see above, several providers (Plusnet, BE, Eclipse, O2 and Virgin Media) do offer a slimmed down, internet access-only option with no line-rental or TV.

What are the advantages of a broadband only deal?

For a start, the internet-only option is cheaper than other home broadband packages, with some deals going as low as £9.99 a month. There are also a wide range of download speeds and the choice of capped and unlimited downloads (remember, fair usage policies will nearly always apply).

The beauty of these deals is that you only pay for your internet and nothing more. Simply choose which one meets your pricing and downloading requirements. This option is particularly good for those on a budget.

What are the disadvantages?

This is a stripped down, bare-bones option and it might not be for everyone. The phone-internet-and-TV-Box deals are popular as they bundle several household expenses into one reasonable monthly fee. Therefore a broadband only package is probably not suited for a family or student household.