Cellular Networks Might Go into a Meltdown for London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics will attract a whole lot of tourists to the United Kingdom. But as the UK is getting ready for everything, we’re hearing reports that the nation’s mobile network might go into a meltdown.

Based on a recent research published by infrastructure supplier Ericsson, the folks from Ruckus Wireless have said there is a high chance for UK’s cellular networks to fail.

Steven Glapa, senior director of field marketing with Ruckus Wireless said that cellular networks were initially designed for voice traffic, so unless steps are taken to address the unprecedented growth in mobile data traffic, the UK’s networks are at risk of failing millions of customers during the Olympic Games.

Total smartphone traffic is expected to triple during 2011 alone, according to Ericsson. So things will not be getting any better by 2012. Glapa has said small cell underlays are increasingly being considered in tandem to improve overall network utilization, allowing traffic to be successfully managed.

Ruckus says that operators must act now to ensure that they are able to deliver the level of service that subscribers have come to expect. Options include Wi-Fi offload, which is ideal in areas where 3G/4G subscriber density and usage is high as well as small cell underlays to address high capacity density.

There have been reports earlier regarding this issue. Hope the London Olympics committee cooperates with the network operators to work out a solution.  What do you feel?