Where do you stand if your mobile broadband contract changes?

There are many people across the UK who sign up to mobile broadband contracts in good faith, assuming that the deal that they have signed up to is the deal that they will continue to get until such a time that they themselves decide that they want to make changes by moving to a different plan or provider once their contractual obligations allow them to do so.

However, this is not always the case, as was shown in earlier this year by the mobile network giant T-Mobile when it merged with Orange UK. The company decided that it was going to change the contracts of its unlimited tariff customers by capping their data usage at 500MB. The provider also said that this would come into effect within seven days of announcement. However, a communications glitch meant that many customers didn’t even realise that this was happening until the read about it in places such as on social networking sites.

Moreover, the changes that T-Mobile applied were not even in line with its own terms and conditions, which are what customers would have signed up to when they took out their contract. T-Mobile, under its own terms, was meant to provide customers with thirty days notice of any contractual changes, which it failed to do, thus breaching its own contract. This, of course, put customers in a very strong position to walk away from the contract and look elsewhere for a better deal.

What you can do if your contract changes

If you find that your provider has made changes to your mobile broadband contract that are not to your liking then the first thing to do is see whether the provider has adhered to its own terms and condition with regards to the changes, such as providing you with sufficient notice. If the provider has not done this you will be in a strong position to argue the case and even walk away from the contract to look elsewhere.

If your provider has followed all the rules there is little that you can do other than wait for your contract to come to an end and then switch to a different provider or plan. However, even in these cases it is well worth looking online at forums and discussions as you may pick up some valuable tips from other customers who have managed to find some sort of loophole to either get them out of the contract early or have changes made to the price of features of the plan.

When you first sign up to a plan always make sure that you read the term and conditions carefully, as this will help you to know where you stand in the event that changes are made to your mobile broadband contract, which means that you will know whether you are able to take any action.