Tips to avoid exceeding your mobile data allowance

These days more and more of us have become increasingly reliant on our mobile internet services. In fact, there are millions of people that are barely ever seen without some form of internet enabled device on their person, from the latest smart phone to their high tech internet tablets. The ability to be able to get online whilst out and about has made life easier, more convenient, and more fun for people from all walks of life, from business users who want to keep things running smoothly even when they are on the move, to casual users who just want the freedom and flexibility to get online whilst they are out and about.

However, one thing that mobile internet users have to be mindful of is the data allowance that they have as part of their plan, as this determine how much they can use their service before they start getting hit with data overage charges. Unfortunately, and as many people have realised to their horror, these charges can amount to a small fortune, with some people having been hit with bills for hundreds or even thousands of pounds after inadvertently exceeding their allocated data usage.

Cut the risk of exceeding your data limit

If you want to avoid being hit by these costly data overage charges by providers it is important that you do not exceed your data limit, although as many people have realised this is often easier said than done. There are a number of different ways in which you can help to avoid these charges on your mobile devices, some of which include:

Take advantage of free WiFi: There are many places across the UK that now offer free WiFi, ranging from eateries and coffee shops to shopping centres and book shops. In some cases, such as in many coffee shops, you may be required to buy a drink in order to get the code to access the WiFi, but this can still work out very cheap and means that you can relax with a coffee whilst you surf the Net without eating into your 3G allowance. If you have WiFi at home you can, of course, use this within the range, so you can use your internet devices in the garden or anywhere that falls within range without having to eat into your 3G data allowance. However, avoid piggybacking on someone else’s home WiFi, as this is not only illegal but can also prove dangerous when it comes to the security of data.

Check your roaming options: Make sure that you check your roaming options on your data plan and ensure that you know whether you are roaming on your data connection before you start performing whatever activities you are planning on using your mobile internet device. If you are in an area where your operator does not provide coverage, such as overseas, you may be able to benefit from opting for a prepaid data SIM card.

Keep track of the data you use: You should bear in mind that when it comes down to it your provider will not be bothered whether or not you exceed your usage. For the provider it is a win win situation. For you, on the other hand, exceeding your data means paying through the nose. This is why it is important that you monitor your data usage, and if you find that your usage requirements are greater than your allowance on a regular basis then consider upgrading.