Mobile shopping sales hit a high note

Mobile ShoppingDuring very busy seasons, I prefer shopping online than in actual retail stores. There are pros and cons with online shopping, but I’d rather check out with a click than have to stand in long lines at the cash register. Apparently, a lot of people aren’t just checking out with a few clicks; rather, they’re doing so with several presses and taps. What people just have to be on the lookout for are illegal shopping sites that are peddling either fake, counterfeit, or non-existent goods.

Purchases made using smartphones hit a record high as post-Christmas shoppers snagged bargains and made purchases with the assistance of apps that allowed them to scan barcodes, compare prices, and get the cheapest deals online. Mobile traffic to the John Lewis online clearance sale was recorded at 119% higher than the same time period last year, and the sales pouring in from purchases made on mobile phones was up 46% since the sale opened.

Jonathon Brown, head of online selling for John Lewis, said: “Mobile has reached a scale now where all retailers have to take it seriously. Customers’ behaviours have changed. The transaction volume we’ve had in the last few days has surprised all of us.”

Mobile Shopping1

IBM conducted a study and reported that of all online sales made in October of this year, 11% of the transactions were initiated and completed on mobile phones. Online auction site eBay also reported that 10% of their transactions were now conducted from mobile devices.

An eBay spokesperson said: “We’re seeing our mobile business grow in triple digits at the moment so mobile sales as a proportion of overall UK sales are likely to have increased significantly in 2011.”

British Retail Consortium (BRC) head of media Richard Dodd also commented on these recently revealed statistics: “Mobile shopping is dramatically more significant this year than it ever has been before. People are now carrying round access to a whole world of price and product information they couldn’t have before and that means retail is an even more competitive business. The most notable thing within online retailing is this really rapid increase in the use of mobile devices.”

Source – The Guardian