Google wants Ireland to get businesses online

The head of Google has recently stated that Ireland needs to make improvements when it comes to broadband and needs to get more businesses online.

It has been reported that the head of Google, Eric Schmidt, wants Ireland to make improvements when it comes to broadband and has said that Ireland needs to get more businesses online. Schmidt, who is Google’s executive chairman, was speaking recently in Dublin, where has said that Ireland was behind many of its competitors such as France, Germany and the UK.

He stated: “Which is not to say that you can’t catch up quickly, but you need to do it. It’s not a tragedy but it’s an issue. The thing the Government can actually do that’s hard is [to] work with the telecommunications providers to get more broadband. It’s very difficult for small businesses to do.”

He added: “There are very few things that are better use of your money than long-term infrastructure in information technology that serves the interests of the citizens of the country.” He also said: “It may be that the Government has had a tough time, choosing between 10 different legitimate groups. I’m lobbying for mine. The benefit of lobbying for mine is I think that the economic benefit of getting Irish businesses to be global, the flow through is so phenomenal. It creates new jobs, they pay taxes; it’s a market. But it is aided by such investment.”

In a speech about getting businesses online he added: “If I can sound critical, my observation is that Irish businesses are somewhat behind, especially the small and medium business, getting online compared to where they should be. And Google and other companies working with people here should work very hard to get those companies on the internet.”

Source – Irish Times