BT speeds up broadband roll-out

BT Broadband

In the continuing quest to bring superfast broadband to more households and businesses in the UK, BT Broadband is upping their game by speeding up fibre broadband rollout. Superfast broadband is defined by the government as “having a potential headline access speed of at least 20Mb, with no upper limit.” These such speeds can literally change how people live and communicate and how corporations do business. Faster broadband speeds translate to lower waiting times, and the less time people spend idle, the higher their productivity, at least in theory.

Late last month, BT Broadband had already finished rolling out their fibre network in Derry, a small town located in Northern Ireland. It subsequently became the first city in Ireland and the UK to have all of its street cabinets fitted with fibre broadband technology. Another town, Hambleton in Rutland, worked to raise £150,000 to have their broadband network upgraded to run at superfast speeds, with Rutland Telecom leading the way. That said, the future of broadband is in fibre technology, and BT Broadband, one of the industry’s giants, obviously knows that fact all too well.

BT had earlier announced that they were going to complete the deployment of their superfast broadband technology called Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) by 2015. The provider also revealed that this huge move required over £2.5 billion in investments to make the fibre available to two-thirds of the UK by 2015.

However, BT Broadband announced today that they were working ahead of schedule and are expecting to finish deployment by 2014. BT stated that the changed timeline for the service “will help the government achieve its ambition of having the best super-fast broadband network in Europe by 2015.” BT asserts that its new FTTP service will allow users to surf, stream, and access online data and media up to ten times faster than their current product offering, putting the speed at around 70-100 Mbps.

Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, Jeremy Hunt, praised BT, saying: “Superfast broadband is essential for achieving sustainable growth and it is vital that homes and businesses have access to it as soon as possible. BT’s accelerated fibre roll-out plan is great news for the UK.” He also added: “This investment means new jobs today, but also allows us to build the digital infrastructure we need for the jobs of tomorrow.”

The CEO of the BT Group, Ian Livingston, stated: “Our roll-out of fibre broadband is one of the fastest in the world and so it is great to be ahead of what was an already challenging schedule.”

Source – The Telegraph