3 Beats Vodafone to become Britain’s Best Mobile Broadband Provider

3 has been named as the Best Overall Mobile Broadband Provider by independent broadband comparison site Broadband Expert in its 2010 Mobile Broadband Awards. 3 also came out on top for Best Coverage and Best Laptop Bundle in the individual award categories.

Broadband Expert based the awards on customer feedback, speed test results and customer ratings from over 11,000 mobile broadband customers from 1st January to 31 August 2010.

Rob Webber, Commercial Director of Broadband Expert, says: “Although it was a close call between Vodafone, and 3 for the overall top spot, 3 scooped the Best Overall Mobile Broadband Award for offering value for money and delivering good all round performance in the key categories of speed, customer satisfaction and coverage. An honourable mention also goes to T-Mobile which has received the most positive customer feedback and is to be commended for it’s fair pricing policy regarding run on rates (Exceeding Data Allowance).”


Vodafone won the award for the Fastest Mobile Broadband Provider, topping the speed league with an average download time of 1.78Mb; followed very closely by 3 at 1.76 Mb; Orange at 1.46; O2 at 1.42; and T-Mobile at 1.07Mb.

Customer Satisfaction

T-Mobile topped the customer satisfaction ratings with customers scoring it at an average of 71%, followed closely by 3 at 69% and Vodafone at 68%. O2 was marginally ahead of Orange with scores of 65% and 64% respectively.

Fair Pricing

T-Mobile, winner of the Fair Pricing Award, was praised for not charging customer for exceeding download limit. O2 won Best Pay as You Go provider with its competitive Pay As You Go (PAYG) and 1 month contract plans.

Best Coverage

3, who claim to have the largest 3G network in the UK, narrowly beat Vodafone to the Best Coverage Award having improved its network and received comparatively positive feedback from Broadband Expert’ visitors in 2010.

Laptop Bundle

With the some of the best spec laptops for the price and a good combination of mobile broadband and laptop deals to choose from 3 was the winner in this category.